Monday, September 28, 2009

The Detroit Lions First Win Aftermath

It seems as though The Detroit Lions first win has spawned a few YouTube videos so I figured I'd bring you some. The first one is another in the series of "Hitler is a Detroit Lions Fan" videos. The description is "Deep inside his bunker, Adolph Hitler gets the news that the Detroit Lions have finally broken their losing streak."I thought it was pretty funny.

Video number two comes from a fan in the stands. The Description - "The Detroit Lions Broke their 0-19 Losing Streak. These are my Memories of the 8 seconds of the game. So What is it reaaalllly like to be a Lions fan during this occasion....take a look"

Last but not least, if you missed it which a lot of people have, here are the highlights from the Lions first win.

Some People Just Shouldn't Drink

I'm sure most of you have already seen this but if you haven't here it is, the viral video of the drunk Detroit Lions fans getting into trouble at the Viking's game. The description of the video reads as follows.

"The two girls in front of us were drunk before the game started," the video's description reads. "They grabbed one of our signs and trashed it (real classy) because we're Vikings fans, and then spent most of the first half mocking us instead of watching the game because the Lions were ahead."

"They were spilling beer on themselves, the seats, and some of the other fans," the description continues. "After they spilled quite a bit of beer on the guys in the row below them, they turned around and told them to SIT DOWN. One girl didn't like that so she poured the rest of her beer on his head. Then I knew it was time to start the camera."

Enjoy the video.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little Music For Todays Win

Its About Time!

Matthew Stafford King Of The Jungle.....For A Day

He wasn't overly accurate, he didn't exactly win the game with his arm, but he didn't cost them the game either and that's all that matters. Stafford's final numbers were 36 attempts with 21 completions, 241 yards, 1 Td. With a lot of glimpses of what could be if he can get his cannon under control.

The reaction by the Lion's players pretty much sums up my reaction. After the final play was over with no flags on the field my blood was boiling, it felt like my face was 1,000 degrees. Sure we won't go to the playoffs but in the grand scheme of things this win means so much more than that. With this win Matthew Stafford silences the critics because now there is no reason for Culpepper to start and we are no longer in danger of taking the losing streak away from the Bucs.Wait a second, I think i here the champagne bottles popping in Tampa Bay as we speak.

If it feels like this much of a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders I can only imagine how great the players are feeling right now. Not only that, we pulled it off without our 2nd or 3rd string CB, Kevin Jones went out, Ernie Sims and Cliff Avril were out. It has to be a huge confidence builder for the Lions, and I have to say that I'm loving the leadership from Larry Foote. Near the end of the game during the time out it looked like he was ripping Jordon Dizon a new one for some reason(wrong alignment?). Thats why we signed him, to get these guys heads on straight and hes doing what he's supposed to.

Honestly we even got screwed on a fair share of horrible calls as we do every week but were actually able to overcome them this time. I can honestly get used to this feeling they cal "winning" and hopefully the Lions can make it a two win streak. Hey, its possible, Cutler is as much of an interception machine as Farve used to be.

It doesn't even matter though, the monkey is finally off our backs and I for one am going to enjoy the rest of the season no matter how many wins we get, thank you Matthew Stafford, and thank you Lions defense!

What makes the victory even better for me is that I live in Virginia, Redskins country. I'm getting to experience the the backlash of the Redskins loss first hand and trust me the reaction locally isn't pretty. It feels good to be able to talk a little trash to these Redskin fans, I mean come on, they lost to the Lions!

The Real Detroit Lions QB Controversy

You know when I hear that Daunte Culpepper should be starting it boggles my mind more and more each time. I mean call me crazy but the last time I checked at the end of this season Daunte Culpepper's contract ends. Now on the other hand the current starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford is under a very large contract until the end of the 2014 season. Then there is Drew Stanton who is signed to the Lions until the end of the 2010 season. Where am I going with all of this?

Its quite simple really, not only do I think Culpepper shouldn't replace Matthew Stafford even if Stafford sets the record for interceptions in a game. I don't think Culpepper should get the start if anything were to happen to Matthew Stafford. What exactly would be the point? The only good that can come out of Culpepper starting is the possibility that he plays well enough to earn himself a few extra dollars from whoever he signs with next year. What could the Lions possibly get out of it, two more wins than they could get by starting Stafford, if that?

As soon as Drew Stanton fully recovers from his injury Duante Culpepper should be demoted to third stringer or traded. The worst possible scenario is that we trade Culpepper for some defensive help and then something happens to Stafford. That means Stanton gets his shot and if Stanton doesn't play well, so what? The real question is, what if he does? If it were Culpepper going in and playing well or playing horrible, so what hes gone after this year anyway but as I said we have Stanton until the end of 2010.

If Stanton were to play well then we would now have a young capable backup just in case. We could also dangle him in front of other teams as trade bait, come on he was a 2nd round draft pick and in my scenario would have proven that hes a gamer. His first couple of years were plagued by Mike Martz craziness and injuries and he still hasn't gotten a real shot. Also lets not forget that he out shined both Stafford and Culpepper in the preseason.

Mark my words, next seasons depth chart at quarterback is going to be Stafford as starter and Stanton as second string anyway. The only thing Culpepper is really doing for this team is taking practice reps away from our eventual backup. That is besides giving some Lions fans and the media something to complain about when a rookie plays like a rookie. The Lions would be better off if they just traded Culpepper sooner rather than later.

Oh and just for the record,Brian Billick, NFL Network "I think coach Scwartz, taking into account the emotional stability of Stafford and his ability to handle the pressure of starting for the Lions, most QBs will tell you that you learn nothing from the bench, and the only way to learn is to play. I agree with that. It depends on the young QB, but Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman had very rough starts, but will tell you specifically they valued playing from the get-go."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Its Now Or St.Louis

So far the season has gone as expected, we all knew the Lions would most likely get killed by the Saints high powered offense but we actually held up better than Philly did. Sure Mcnabb was hurt, BUT WERE THE LIONS! I think that trumps any silly rib injury. In week two we all knew we had a shot against the Vikings because have played them tough in our last few meetings as we did in this one, until the second half. That brings us to week three where Matthew Stafford is going to have to step out of his role of rookie quarterback and step into the role of team doctor because Detroit fans want him to stop the bleeding and stop it now. However nobody is doing Stafford any favors by giving the talented but underachieving Redskins bulletin board material. I know if I was Jim Zorn the first thing I'd tell the team is that people in the media were picking the Detroit Lions to beat them, THE DETROIT LIONS! Besides that I have fallen into this trap for the past two seasons, it appears as though we have a shot to beat the Skins but come game time it was all a dream. Third time is a charm? Lets hope so, as look at this matchup I can't help but get really excited but not just because the way the Redskins have played recently, because they're hurting in key positions.

Jason Campbell has been limited in practice because he sprained his foot against the Rams but said he will play againtst Detroit to the dismay of Washington fans everywhere who don't even like him when he's healthy.

Starting right guard Randy Thomas was placed on injured reserve after arm surgery but trust me it gets better (for us anyway). The Skins don't have a single backup lineman who played a down in the NFL last season.

Last but not least RB Clinton Portis has been limited in practice with an ankle injury. Thats not even taking into account the controversy with the Skins linbacker slamming the fans who have every right to boo since they're "Mcdonalds" money pays his salary. Also lets not forget that the Skins are racist and excuse they're racism by saying it will cost them too much money to change. They sound like a team who deserves to get beat by the Lions don't you think?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Detroit Lions

Check out the article I just wrote on hubpages. Give The Detroit Lions And Matthew Stafford Time

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Is What The Lions Have Been Missing

That is exactly what The Lions have been missing, a safety with a backbone. Corwin Brown wasn't exactly the best safety we had but I'll always remember him for that hit on Keyshawn Johnson. I wonder if he still wanted the damn ball after that one. In my opinion a safety needs to have a certain swagger, a mentality that he's going to demolish whatever receiver has the misfortune of catching the ball near him.

Mark Carrier was that kind of guy, he used to just demolish people no matter what. He used to get fined on a regular basis for some of his hits too, I remember him even getting suspended a few times. I'm not the only one that knew that though, I'm sure quite a few receivers were checking for where he was on the field while they were bringing in the catch.

Kurt Shultz was a huge hitter for us too, he was another guy that was going to hit you if you were trying to catch a ball anywhere near him. He put one of the Giants receivers (Ike Hilliard or Amani Toomer) out with broken ribs for weeks because they went up for a pass near him, talk about intimidation.

Louis Delmas is that type of player, hes all over the field making tackles and big plays. Essentially Delmas is what the Lions wanted when they brought in Kenoy Kennedy a few years ago but unlike Kennedy, Delmas has lived up to his reputation so far. The problem is that he can't do it all by himself and as good as he has looked, he is still a rookie. I see good things in the future for the Detroit Lions defense is we can get a few more players like Louis Delmas or at least ones that can support him better.

Drew Stanton Returns

It looks as though Drew Stanton is ready to go, the Lions released Brock Berlin from their practice squad today and signed defensive tackle Matthias Askew. Hopefully Stanton can stay healthy this time around, he was our best quarterback during preseason but it was preseason and he was playing third stringers. Still, I can see him hanging around for a few years and backing up Stafford, I'd like to see him get a chance in a real game but hopefully Stafford will stay healthy and I won't have to.

Lion's Fans Are Nuts

I can understand putting yourself through punishment, I'm a Lions fan I do it every Sunday. This is just crazy though, 0-16 is something I wish I could forget but this guy wants to be reminded of it every day? To each his own I guess, I bet he was pissed when the logo changed.