Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hillarious Ndamukong Suh Commercial

Saw this commercial for the first time today and it made me laugh.

Lions Making More Moves

Due to the injury he sustained in Detroit's preseason opener, the Detroit Lions placed Jordon Dizon on injured reserve ending his season.

To go with that move, the man that fell into Dizon's leg causing the injury, Jason Hunter, was released.

Also on the way out is Tight End Richard Dickson who was waived. Dickson was injured in the steelers game just like Dizon and will revert back to the Lions injured reserve if he isn't claimed off waivers.

To replace the cut players the Lions signed The Boz! Okay, maybe not that one, actually the Lions signed Brian Bosworth's nephew Korey Bosworth.

If you were wondering, he's the one on the right (Kidding).

After the Bosworth signing, the Lions would then sign two more players to the team. Cornerback Jahi Word-Daniels, and Linebacker Lee Campbell. Again, most of these players won't make the team and the only one I can see having a shot is Kore Bosworth.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Detroit Lions Superbowl Celebration

Madden 11 hit shelves at 12:01 AM today and this is a little glimpse of what every Lions fan dreams of.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

The Detroit Lions have made a flurry of here today gone tomorrow moves over the past couple weeks. First the Lions cut CB Paul Pratt to make room for veteran CB Dre Bly.

The Lions would then go on to release DT Robert Calloway in order to reseign Paul Pratt due to multiple injuries throughout the Lions secondary.

Next the Lions placed Joe Cohen on the waived/injured list in order to resign Robert Calloway.

None of these moves are of particualr importance and all of these players may end up being camp fodder. Paul Pratt may have a shot to make the team simply because of the way the Lions secondary has been deapleated by injuries since last season. Neither Calloway or Cohen are likely to make the team due to the sheer depth Detroit has on the defensive line.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Aboard The Pain Train