Friday, September 25, 2009

Its Now Or St.Louis

So far the season has gone as expected, we all knew the Lions would most likely get killed by the Saints high powered offense but we actually held up better than Philly did. Sure Mcnabb was hurt, BUT WERE THE LIONS! I think that trumps any silly rib injury. In week two we all knew we had a shot against the Vikings because have played them tough in our last few meetings as we did in this one, until the second half. That brings us to week three where Matthew Stafford is going to have to step out of his role of rookie quarterback and step into the role of team doctor because Detroit fans want him to stop the bleeding and stop it now. However nobody is doing Stafford any favors by giving the talented but underachieving Redskins bulletin board material. I know if I was Jim Zorn the first thing I'd tell the team is that people in the media were picking the Detroit Lions to beat them, THE DETROIT LIONS! Besides that I have fallen into this trap for the past two seasons, it appears as though we have a shot to beat the Skins but come game time it was all a dream. Third time is a charm? Lets hope so, as look at this matchup I can't help but get really excited but not just because the way the Redskins have played recently, because they're hurting in key positions.

Jason Campbell has been limited in practice because he sprained his foot against the Rams but said he will play againtst Detroit to the dismay of Washington fans everywhere who don't even like him when he's healthy.

Starting right guard Randy Thomas was placed on injured reserve after arm surgery but trust me it gets better (for us anyway). The Skins don't have a single backup lineman who played a down in the NFL last season.

Last but not least RB Clinton Portis has been limited in practice with an ankle injury. Thats not even taking into account the controversy with the Skins linbacker slamming the fans who have every right to boo since they're "Mcdonalds" money pays his salary. Also lets not forget that the Skins are racist and excuse they're racism by saying it will cost them too much money to change. They sound like a team who deserves to get beat by the Lions don't you think?