Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Is What The Lions Have Been Missing

That is exactly what The Lions have been missing, a safety with a backbone. Corwin Brown wasn't exactly the best safety we had but I'll always remember him for that hit on Keyshawn Johnson. I wonder if he still wanted the damn ball after that one. In my opinion a safety needs to have a certain swagger, a mentality that he's going to demolish whatever receiver has the misfortune of catching the ball near him.

Mark Carrier was that kind of guy, he used to just demolish people no matter what. He used to get fined on a regular basis for some of his hits too, I remember him even getting suspended a few times. I'm not the only one that knew that though, I'm sure quite a few receivers were checking for where he was on the field while they were bringing in the catch.

Kurt Shultz was a huge hitter for us too, he was another guy that was going to hit you if you were trying to catch a ball anywhere near him. He put one of the Giants receivers (Ike Hilliard or Amani Toomer) out with broken ribs for weeks because they went up for a pass near him, talk about intimidation.

Louis Delmas is that type of player, hes all over the field making tackles and big plays. Essentially Delmas is what the Lions wanted when they brought in Kenoy Kennedy a few years ago but unlike Kennedy, Delmas has lived up to his reputation so far. The problem is that he can't do it all by himself and as good as he has looked, he is still a rookie. I see good things in the future for the Detroit Lions defense is we can get a few more players like Louis Delmas or at least ones that can support him better.