Sunday, September 27, 2009

Matthew Stafford King Of The Jungle.....For A Day

He wasn't overly accurate, he didn't exactly win the game with his arm, but he didn't cost them the game either and that's all that matters. Stafford's final numbers were 36 attempts with 21 completions, 241 yards, 1 Td. With a lot of glimpses of what could be if he can get his cannon under control.

The reaction by the Lion's players pretty much sums up my reaction. After the final play was over with no flags on the field my blood was boiling, it felt like my face was 1,000 degrees. Sure we won't go to the playoffs but in the grand scheme of things this win means so much more than that. With this win Matthew Stafford silences the critics because now there is no reason for Culpepper to start and we are no longer in danger of taking the losing streak away from the Bucs.Wait a second, I think i here the champagne bottles popping in Tampa Bay as we speak.

If it feels like this much of a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders I can only imagine how great the players are feeling right now. Not only that, we pulled it off without our 2nd or 3rd string CB, Kevin Jones went out, Ernie Sims and Cliff Avril were out. It has to be a huge confidence builder for the Lions, and I have to say that I'm loving the leadership from Larry Foote. Near the end of the game during the time out it looked like he was ripping Jordon Dizon a new one for some reason(wrong alignment?). Thats why we signed him, to get these guys heads on straight and hes doing what he's supposed to.

Honestly we even got screwed on a fair share of horrible calls as we do every week but were actually able to overcome them this time. I can honestly get used to this feeling they cal "winning" and hopefully the Lions can make it a two win streak. Hey, its possible, Cutler is as much of an interception machine as Farve used to be.

It doesn't even matter though, the monkey is finally off our backs and I for one am going to enjoy the rest of the season no matter how many wins we get, thank you Matthew Stafford, and thank you Lions defense!

What makes the victory even better for me is that I live in Virginia, Redskins country. I'm getting to experience the the backlash of the Redskins loss first hand and trust me the reaction locally isn't pretty. It feels good to be able to talk a little trash to these Redskin fans, I mean come on, they lost to the Lions!