Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Real Detroit Lions QB Controversy

You know when I hear that Daunte Culpepper should be starting it boggles my mind more and more each time. I mean call me crazy but the last time I checked at the end of this season Daunte Culpepper's contract ends. Now on the other hand the current starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford is under a very large contract until the end of the 2014 season. Then there is Drew Stanton who is signed to the Lions until the end of the 2010 season. Where am I going with all of this?

Its quite simple really, not only do I think Culpepper shouldn't replace Matthew Stafford even if Stafford sets the record for interceptions in a game. I don't think Culpepper should get the start if anything were to happen to Matthew Stafford. What exactly would be the point? The only good that can come out of Culpepper starting is the possibility that he plays well enough to earn himself a few extra dollars from whoever he signs with next year. What could the Lions possibly get out of it, two more wins than they could get by starting Stafford, if that?

As soon as Drew Stanton fully recovers from his injury Duante Culpepper should be demoted to third stringer or traded. The worst possible scenario is that we trade Culpepper for some defensive help and then something happens to Stafford. That means Stanton gets his shot and if Stanton doesn't play well, so what? The real question is, what if he does? If it were Culpepper going in and playing well or playing horrible, so what hes gone after this year anyway but as I said we have Stanton until the end of 2010.

If Stanton were to play well then we would now have a young capable backup just in case. We could also dangle him in front of other teams as trade bait, come on he was a 2nd round draft pick and in my scenario would have proven that hes a gamer. His first couple of years were plagued by Mike Martz craziness and injuries and he still hasn't gotten a real shot. Also lets not forget that he out shined both Stafford and Culpepper in the preseason.

Mark my words, next seasons depth chart at quarterback is going to be Stafford as starter and Stanton as second string anyway. The only thing Culpepper is really doing for this team is taking practice reps away from our eventual backup. That is besides giving some Lions fans and the media something to complain about when a rookie plays like a rookie. The Lions would be better off if they just traded Culpepper sooner rather than later.

Oh and just for the record,Brian Billick, NFL Network "I think coach Scwartz, taking into account the emotional stability of Stafford and his ability to handle the pressure of starting for the Lions, most QBs will tell you that you learn nothing from the bench, and the only way to learn is to play. I agree with that. It depends on the young QB, but Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman had very rough starts, but will tell you specifically they valued playing from the get-go."